Just. Tristania is pretty awesome. They have some tracks with Nightwish that are pretty great as well.

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I think they're pretty good.i haven't heard a lot from them though. Any good CDs i should look for?
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Another one of those bands with a fake sounding female vocalist. Big meh from me.
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That whole operatic soprano thing that bands like Nightwish and Tristania have just sounds forced and 'fake' to me. I far prefer a strong natural voice from a band like Theatre of Tragedy or The Gathering.
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I really liked their debut album, but I heard they kinda fell off after that.
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Personally,Beyond The Veil is their best album. Big up to Ghoulhunter for making this thread.
Tristania is my favorite band, and Beyond the Veil is my favorite album. I loved World of Glass, the first album I heard from them, and then I got BTV and loved it even more. I'm not quite sure about their new direction though. I thought Ashes was damn good, although not nearly as good as their earlier stuff. Then, I just god their new album, Illumination, and I'm not sure what to think. The death vocals are practically non-existent, the voices are distorted, and it's just not nearly as extreme or atmospheric as their earlier works, which is a new, and I think negative, decision on their part. I mean, it's still a good album, but if they keep taking steps down in quality, eventually I won't even be able to say that about them. Especially after Vibeke left, I'm kind of worried for their future. And I'm still sad that Morten left. He was among my favorite extreme vocalists, although I didn't really unterstand the meaning behind any of the lyrics he wrote, for BTV and his first album with Sirenia. I mean, the chorus of Angina contains "Angina [a muscle spasm] striking Elysium [essentially the equivalent of Valhalla]." I'm sorry, but I don't have any idea what that's supposed to mean. Plus, Sirenia has now officially sold out, but that's a different band.

Also, I'm not really sure what you mean by fake vocals. Almost none of the vocals were distorted or altered until their new album.
Tristania's album Beyond The Veil is wonderful. The song Opus Relique is great.
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Tristainia is an awesome band. I prefer World of Glass for some reason though.

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I love this band, gothic/symphonic, their acoustic track Gardenia just makes me want to sex the cd player, it is so beautiful. Check them out.


I had completely forgotten this band. A sequal of decay is pretty good. Its the only album I know, how is their new one?
I LOVE early Tristania. Beyond the Veil especially is a brilliant album. The latter stuff hasn't been as great..

When I first heard the song 'Angina' on the radio about 2001..(??), it was actually the first time I had ever heard a prominent violin solo played in a metal band. Before that I hadn't even considered the idea of violin working in metal.