I've got an old Ibanez RG350 that has been out of the loop because it's well, basically crap. However back when I was a teen I had two EMG humbuckers fitted to it, which were and probably still are, lovely sounding. So what I want to do is pull them from the RG350 and put them in my Ibanez JS100, which humbuckers are ok, but not as good as the EMG's.
Now before you say take them to the guitar shop, I am a confirmed meddler and have a particular hate of paying people to do things that I probably could do myself. So does anyone know of a good step by step to replacing pickups (preferably humbuckers) with decent pictures?
look on emg's website, they probably have schematics/wiring diagrams that would show you how to do it.
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If the emg site dosen't work, Seymour Duncan could give you some insight into how to do it.
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well...the EMG site does have the schems...and id use the SD site to wire the pots..they llok better and are clearer
( i also hate paying people to do stuff for mr ) but i can solder for ****....so yeah

but i would recommend useing as little solder as possable, and scratch all shinny serfaces( solder dont stik to the shine...and read them CLOSE!
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