can someone tell me what kind of setup frank zappa has on 'Eat that Question' from '73's 'Grand Wazoo' or what iommi uses on 'A National Acrobat' from black sabbath's 'Sabbath Bloody Sabbath'?

a lot of appreciation to whoever answers
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I think Iommi has used SG's with Laney amps since the first Sabbath recording.

Zappa has used many different guitars. Perhaps www.guitargeek.com has that info...
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Mudder was right on the money with Iommi, he also downtuned his SG's a lot. As for Zappa, he usually used a Gibson LP Standard or Custom...can't remember which. I have seen him using Fender Strats also.
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yeah, i don't know a lot about Iommi's set up, but i know for sure he used SG's and detuned to C# for a lot of songs... for thoughs who care to know he started detuning to relieve stress on his fingers, he got two of his finger tips cut off on the last day of his day job before his carreer took off.
Another odd note about Iommi, he always played a strat until recording started on their first album, then it totally crapped out. The SG was the only lefty guitar they could get their hands on. And a legend was born.
It's a fine line between clever and stupid.