Hey guys,
i thinking about modifying my Rickenbacker so it will b e strign through body. has anyone tried this? i will try to take a pic later but i think i can just go through the bottom of the bridge and out the back, it shouldn't be hard. just wondering if you have any advice.
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yea its a hand rubbed oil finish, so no problems there, and i have a drill press. do you think i should take the bridge off and drill those holes seperately? i'm thinking that might be better.
So do you have anything interesting to play?
Very curious ... why do you want to make it string through? If I remember correctly, the bridge saddles allows the most flexibility in the repositioning of the strings, the design is pretty unique and provides incredible sustain, even with the less than powerful, stock buckers.

Also, isn't that model the one with the maple neck running through the walnut body? Love those plain, oiled finishes. I'd think a lot before I mess with that guitar. Buy a cheaper Fender if you want to mod something.
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i want even more sustain! thats why. and i plan on messeing with the ric no matter what. i can't get what i want from any bone stock guitar. the wonderful bridge will still be in use, in fact you could either use the string thorugh optiom or the normal rear loading holes. i think it would sound alot better.
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might have to change the bridge for the string thru.
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no i dont think i will, can jsut drill through the bottom of it.
So do you have anything interesting to play?