So I've been listening to a lot of loud, heavily produced music lately and am looking for some fun, simple, easy listening rock. I'm looking for Chuck Berry/early Stones/Beatles style artists and albums. Any suggestions? I don't wanna hear wailing guitar solos or distortion or anything, just simple music with simple lines and and a simple tone. Thanks.
Well, when you say Beatles type music, I say you should so some beatles songs.

They are great sounding fun and easy to play, and your guitar teacher probably knows it, win/win situation
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That's what I was thinking.
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Even early Who, (My Generation, A Quick One) that would probaly work...
The Byrds, The Small Faces, The Easybeats, Bob Dylan and J.J. Cale.
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Jerry Lee Lewis...simple, energetic, rockin'

What else could you want?
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