I play an Ibanez SZ720 electric guitar. I have been playing for about 9 months now and I have this ongoing problem of noise from a string after I pluck a note. Usually when I switch from one string to another. For instance, when I fret the 12 fret on the G string and then move to the 11 fret of the B string, it seems like when I release from the original note, I pull slightly at the string which creates a muffled open G because my fingers pulls the open string when switching. Has anyone else had this problem before or is there any technique to avoid this? Thanks...

- Ibanez SZ720FM (EMG 81/85)
- Ibanez RG1570(D-Sonic/Air Norton)
- Schecter C-1 Classic
- Carvin CT6M (Deep Blue on Quilted Maple)

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mute the string after u hit it, with your palm. and lift it when you hit the other string. i think. and u might wanna boost your treble up and lower the bass