I'm not sure whether I should get a distortion or overdrive pedal. I'm new to guitar, so, if I had to get 1 pedal, which would it be:

Boss OS-2 or Ibanez TS808

I love hard rock, classic rock, GNR, 311, Rush.

Any suggestions on which to get? They TS808 is about $170... is it worth it?
Boss OS-2. Boss owns every time.
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Distortion pedals are better for SS amps. OD pedals work but will be like a mellow distortion. Check Boss DS-1's also. They are only like $30US and are pretty good.
My amp now is a POS SS practice amp. I plan on getting a tube in a year or so, but, want to get a pedal now
I would get a distirtion pedal.

The Boss Ds-1 is really good. It actually improved my sound alot.
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