simple question, how much do you think it would cost for me to get a completely custom fender guitar with all my own specs? just a ballpark figure it doesnt need to be too specific
Umm... I would say.. ALOT. You are much better off modding it yourself. Plus you get that personal feel.
My Carvin cost $1180 with shipping and a tweed hsc. Not bad at all. However other makers can be considerably more. I understand you can get an Ormsby for around $1500-2000, sweet guitars. Gutierrez guitars start at $1400 or so, completely handmade pieces of genius. I understand if you want Fender, Gibson, or ESP custom shop work you could be paying alot and waiting a long time.
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Completely custom? Does that include like... Custom made bridge just for you? and custom screws? and custom wires with your name emblazoned on them?
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Why did you start this thread and abandon the last one that was asking baout this very subject? A guy in the last one even said just ask and he'll get you ballpark figures, also for neck/inlay/bridge/pickups/color/pickguard it's not that bad at all, like the same price as an american deluxe except just a bit more for the aftermarket type upgrades.