I'm ugrading my gear. Keep in mind that I live in a small apt and can't be loud.

I just got a new Gibson LP and currently have a Peavey Rage 158 practice amp. So, can anyone recommend what the better move is?

Should I get a Valvetronix AD15VT 15W Guitar Combo amp or the TS808 ?

Is the Vox a decent small amp ? (I'm not going gigging or anything). Are the effects any good?
I'd go for the Vox... but then again, if you can afford a les paul standard, couldnt you afford a 5-30 watt tube combo?

because with a guitar that pricey, i dont think a tubescreamer through a peavey rage 158 is give it justice.

go tube if you can
Out of those 2, definetly the Vox. There is really not much need for the OD without going tube.
If you've gotta the money for a Gibson LP, look into getting a little tube amp, or making one yourself.
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What is the wattage knob for? My current amp is like this: if i turn down the volume knob, the tone sounds like crap. Will this knob allow a great tone at a low level?>
Yes it will, The Wattage knob is on the back of Almost all the valvetronix amps, It changes the output of the amp not the tone, in response to your question I turned my 100w vox to a little past 50w's And the turned it to the minimum setting (Around 10-15 watts), No change in tone at all, just the output/volume,

Also the wattage knob has nothing to do with the volume or the master volume knobs, Its just to decrease the amount of output in your amp, so you can go to a clear Channel (Being a modeling amp theres about 6 clear channels and about 5 Dist/overdrive) Turn the vol all the way up and turn the master down to get a little natural Overdrive from the tube preamp and "VOX's patented Valve Reactor power amplifier",
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get the 50 watt Valvetronix, cus if you ever get to play somewhere were you can play loud it is WELL worth it. your welcome
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The wattage knob is supposed to provide better tone. The difference is marginal, since the amp is pretty much solid state with a preamp tube added to the power amp stage. Also, the stock speaker in the AD30VT is very mediocre.
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Is it? I was wandering about the 30w speaker (But I thought I was thinking about another amp), In that case go for the 50w, and I didn't Hear much of a difference in the tone of my amp When I turned the wattage for min to 50w, but oh well,
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