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So I went up to Rochester, NY to drop my sister off at RIT over the weekend. Since I had the opportunity to do something I wanted, a guitar store trip it was.

Our hotel was just 2 minutes and less than a mile away from the nearest store, Daddy's Junky Music (100 Jay Scutti Blvd., Rochester if anyone's interested). I have my slightly displeasing Stagg T300 with me that I got for $170 the last time I went to Rochester, only I got it at House of Guitars (641 or 645 Henrietta Rd., Rochester).

So I walk in, knowing my intention.

I am getting a new fooking guitar.

I would have thought about getting a new amp if they hadn't been the smallest shop in the Junky chain. Best they had was well out of budget, and not really what I wanted.

I go to the Ibanez area first, couple SZ's, pretty cool looking, SA's which were nice, but out of budget, some ARCs and you get the picture.

I didn't quite pickup a guitar quite yet. I scan down the wall, Ibanez, Fender, Squier, Epiphone, Gibson (limited, I must say), and then the Used section.

I pickup an Ibanez Jetking II in Trans. Butterscotch. It plays nice, nice fret access, frets are nice and smooth, all electronics are in stiff order, besides the 3 way switch. Overall, a better guitar than my Stagg especially for only $20 more. I played one of these in Blue when I got my Stagg, which wasn't as good as this one, but still better than the Stagg. Stagg=Impulse cheap buy.

I see a Jackson on the wall, reverse headstock RG-styled body. Can't recall the model name. I played this just for fun, I wasn't interested in an HSS or HSH guitar nor one with a trem.

I headed back over to the Ibanez rack just to look once again. The prices were good, no doubt. $400 for a Quilt-top ARC300 or something. Sharp looking.

So I go back toward the Used section, but an Epi SG makes me feel like playing it. I have never liked Gibson or Epi guitars due to the necks and the hollowbody series being nasaly and unpleasant. But this was much different. Besides the depth of the neck, I didn't find that the neck tapered unevenly like others I had tried at GC. Strange. I like the acoustics of it, as it was nice and loud unplugged.

Finally after much debate, I head over to the Ibanez rack to finally try out a guitar. I grab the SZ first. $400 within my price range. So I play. Unplugged this thing is a tonal beast. I loved almost all of it besides the Jumbo frets, which you may find to be a bugger to me. I don't like to have the feeling like I'm fretting on nothing. It doesn't improve anything in my playing, so why bother.

Next was the SA. $450 within the price range, but not enough for tax. Beautiful looking, but I find it seems to light. It plays wonderfully but the frets bother me. It didn't have as good of sonics as the SZ.

Finally for the new Ibanez rack, I tried out the aforementioned ARC. I pretty much fell in love with it. Beautiful guitar, great feel, great fret access, nice neck, the works. Better unplugged than the SZ.

I make my way past the Fenders (surprisingly...they didn't have much I was interested in color-wise nor guitar-wise) and stop at the Gibsons. I had never really given a Gibby LP a run-through before (I have played a V though) so I decided to pick up one from their new line of Menace guitars. I didn't like the cosmetics or the stained neck. Really uncomfortable like you were playing on wood about to splinter.

I made my way back to the Used section where a hollowbody caught my eye. It felt like adultery at it's most glorious but tragic point of climax. It was adultery against my beloved Artcore.

A Used Ibanez Talman hollowbody. Very slick looking in a somewhat sparkly-blue paint job. The back was painted black, with many noticeable scars. I play it, noticing it is sharp. A lot. So I figure it's tuned to A telling by ear. I tune down, but I end up tuning to Eb. So I just ask the sales guy to tune it for me with a tuner while I go grab the Stagg. Come back in, readily tuned. I plays nicely, reminiscent of my Artcore. I like the fret access much better than my Artcore, but I figure, my Artcore is meant for the softer side of the Foos, not any of the stuff that goes to the 18th fret and beyond. I finally get to plug this one into a Vox Valvetronix AD15VT, the amp I currently have. It sounds EXACTLY like my Artcore, only able to withstand a little more distortion due to it only having 1 f-hole, I would assume. So a great player, just like my Artcore, for $20 bucks less than what I payed for my Artcore. Only issue with this was a broken and recessed switch.

It's 4:30pm, meaning just about time for close at 5pm. I have to make a decision.

I do a quick runthrough of all the guitars I tried, looking at each one. My best options, I believed, were the Talman and the ARC.

Another sales guy tells me that they can only give me $60 in trade for the Stagg. I feel stupid for even bringing it. I feel very sucky about this time. But I decide to let it go.

Thoughts run through my mind, I don't have enough cash for the ARC, not enough for the ARC! And the Talman. It's my Artcore only with super-sonic fret access! What do I do? What do I do?!?!?!?

I get neither.

Since I would only get $40 if I were to just sell it straight, no trade, I needed to find something I needed, a pedal, a ****load of strings, a hamster, anything.

I look at the Wah pedal displays. Right there, in the center. New Vox V847 wah with leather bag for $120. I want it. Now.

So I ask him to bring it up for me to look at. It is indeed new. He tells me I can get $20 off the price of it, so it's like my Stagg went for $80. I give in. I need a wah for my funk-eh side. Now.

So I pay the 58 bucks after tax and get into the car, satisfied, but not.

This is the first day that I have had it with guitar equipment. I'm running it Wah>DF-7>Small Clone>Amp and it sounds good, although I can't get it to switch "off" due to the sweepable bypass that allows the lows to be accentuated when it's in heel and highs in toe. Now I get wah everytime. Gotta figure this thing out.

Overall, I was impressed with the wah, as I didn't try it in the store. I'm just getting used to playing and wah-ing at the same time, but it's nothing I can't accomplish with a little practice.

Now for my pedal needs, all I need is Reverb and OD for a future tube amp, hopefully an AC30.

Thanks for reading and staying awake.
Well the ending was a bit of a let-down...

Just press down far enough at the toe area to press the on/off button to turn your wah off. Or is that not your problem?
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its not adultery against your artcore- hollowbody talmans are artcores. and theyre pretty good
I love these threads super. we need an amp trying thread. hint hint.
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You see Steph, I usually don't treat myself to high-end amps because I'm usually looking for a guitar, as I don't really play in bands as often as I had done in the past. So I usually just plug into a Vox Valvetronix and be content.

September 4th (the day before we get back into school here) there's a GC sale so I may be able to go then and try out some amps, maybe get a new one. Who knows. It's hard to find treasure in my area. Not too much that circulates.

And about the Artcore and Talman, I know they're both Artcores, but they're different in my regard to them.
I would have gotten the Talman if it weren't used, as I would have disliked to have a guitar with dents I didn't experience with it. Plus having my AF75 was good enough. I'm looking for a solidbody, hopefully dual HB with coil tap.

I think the Ibanez ARC mighta been nice, though...
Cool story, you should have tried a load more guitars though, just for reference (always helps)

And about the wah not switching off.... have you pushed it to the toe and heard a click?
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so...do you ever plug guitars in?
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You made a spam thread without my prior consent?

A pox on ye!

Actually no its pretty cool. I've always dug talmans.
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i've always dug guitars...and graves for ped.

really one grave would have sufficed, but i got bored.

dammit i need a EQ pedal...but dammit i lack money. hey ped wanna buy a Big Muff?
I R tr00 Member of UG's Gain \/\/hores - don't pm gpderek09 to join unless you are truly worthy
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There is the possibility that I may have or may or may not have gone or not gone into the danger zone.

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I love you Joel
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i've always dug guitars...and graves for ped.

really one grave would have sufficed, but i got bored.

dammit i need a EQ pedal...but dammit i lack money. hey ped wanna buy a Big Muff?

Why are you selling the muff, joel?

Nice spam. I thought SZs had medium frets, though? Mine does...
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Quote by joel_grieve
so...do you ever plug guitars in?

I don't spoil myself with amps I can never afford.

I usually go by acoustics because electronics can be replaced easily. I go by overall feel and how well I can play different genres. I'm weird though.

To timi: I'm not sure, it might have been medium frets, I just don't remember. I usually can decipher what kind of frets it has in comparison to a Jackson I once played that had super-jumbo frets which I hate for some reason. Vintage frets=better.