Okay, I've been playing for going on six years. I spent alot of time developing my tremolo picking and playing fast licks. I recently went back and started working on playing slowly with a metronome to help with my accuracy and I've noticed that I'm fine up until about sixteenth notes at 125 and then I get all tense and it falls apart. The odd thing is, I can play the same licks at 160+ without strain. I was really confused at this and I realized that my picking technique is different at different speeds. Once I push over about 150 it changes and I'm able to play the licks. Now, what I need to know is how I can make my picking technique consistant at all speeds. I understand the concept of just slowing down my tremolo but I just switch to how I pick slowly when I try that. Any help you guys can give me I would really appericiate. Thanks in advance!
You could try setting your metronome up at speeds higher then 160bpm and then rather then move the metronome up move it down and work to those lower speeds.
ur technique should be the same when playing fast and slow and the most hard part of the scenario is when u play fast then slow it down so u should start at a high speed with the drum machine or the metronome then lower it down and u will see that things r easier.
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