So i have this old guitar body and neck. i think its a jackson. srry, no pics. but the guitar has no nut, electronics or tuners as of now. so here are a few questions.
1)What difference would it make if i put acoustic guitar tuners in, if any?
2)Do you know of any cheap Dbl Locking Tremolo systems?
3) shoudl i buy a new nut or just rip one out of an acoustic and throw it on.

Keep in mind this guitar only has to last for a little while, till i have a few hundred bucks. So i don't want to put tons of money in it. I plan on getting one of the Starpower guitar kits eventually.
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1- the tuners are usually the same type- it dont matter- but dont go open geared- stay closed they will last longer

2- i have a mighty mite LFR for sale for 60+ shipping

3- get a new nut- and cut it for that guitar- chances are the necks and string spacing are different
Well if i'm getting a LFR then i'm gonna need a locking nut to top it off anyway.
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