Does anyone have any info or a site where you can find effects for songs perferably bass... and even more perfered the bass settings on Little sister by Queens of the Stone Age. I'm looking to near duplicate that sound with my Boss ODB-3. I'm pretty sure that t hey use a Big Muff on it... so yea. I'm looking to match it with my ODB-3, tough task I know!

Any help would be appreciated

ps. I really didnt want to add to all these annoying "effect questions" on here.... but I'm playing it at my show, and have been fiddling with it for over 2 months. It's starting to get to me lol
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It's Troy van Leeuwen's standard bass setup. The main thing is he's using a semi-hollow bass.

It does sound like a Big Muff is used. Queens generally use Ampeg bass amps.
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