i posted a question a while back about the nuts on strats that nobody answered. i find it hard to believe that everyone here is stumped, so ill post again.

here it is: does the fender strat nut have both a top and bottom radius? stewmac offers precut nuts that are top and bottom radiused. the nut trench on my non fender strat is flat. do real fender necks have radiused trenches and matching nuts? or is the radiused nut just glued into a flat trench? or is stewmac crazy?

thanks again
Fenders nut slots have a radius in them. Most generic strat ripoffs have flat nut slots. Either way, you're going to have to slot the nuts from Stew-Mac, so you can either strt from scratch making the nut, or buy it from somewhere else. You can also sand the bottom flat, but you may have nut action issues.

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