I'm the proud owner of a MTS 4x12 cabinet. It's a fine piece of equipment, makes my valveking sound alot better for sure. Plus, you can get their stuff new for a really good price. Anyone else own some Carvin gear? Thoughts?
I have one of their guitars and my dad has an MTS3200, great gear. I think you need to compare amps with similar priced stuff, it's not a fair comparison of a V3 with a Deizel unless money is really no object.

Great gear overall regardless.
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I will be the proud owner of a V3 within a few months. Hopefully...
I will show you something different from either
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i like their guitars but their amps leave a lot to be desired...i'll take a good ol Laney over one any day

the V3 does sound nice though from what i've heard on carvins site
o_O V3???? I got mine around 2 months ago. For the price, it's the best amp Ive ever played. Actually it's the best amp Ive played regardless of price. It is sooo much value for how much you pay. Ive already found perfect Stevie ray Vaughn Tone, AND Metallica. I also play sparkle arpeggios to death metal...one this ONE amp. It's all around the most versitle beast Ive ever played
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i've got some dual rails in my strat. they are killer. i get perfect maiden tones outta my Tech 21 now. my guitar looks like Janick Gers guitar.
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I have a Vai Legacy Cabinet i got for dirt cheap.
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i have 4 carvins. all 4 are in my amp collection. i have a 1982 xv-112 1x12 combo. a 2006 mts3200 with matching cabs just purchased less than 2 weeks ago. i own a v3 head and matching cab. and a steve vai legacy head with matching cab. and i must say they are all excellent amps. although they dont compete with some of the others thay are tough amps worth every cent