One for a very subtle OD, like just barely, barely barely overdriven, the next for a little warmer, tubey-er overdrive. More in your face, and then the last one that will blow holes in a wall and melt Crisco, what would you recommend.

I am not in such a position, but I want ideas.

Let's call them:

Pedal - X
Pedal - Y
Pedal - Z

When I was in bands, I had two amps and an A/B switch. One amp was always distorted and one was always clean, so even though I have been playing for longer than a lot of you have been alive, I don't know a lot about pedals.

I had an MXR Dist+, but I mostly used it as a volume booster for my solos.

Lois: How am I supposed to live in this town if I'm a social pariah?

Peter: What's that? That them little fish that eat cows?
X: Boss OD-3
Y: Ibanez Tubescreamer
Z: Jekyll & Hyde
My SICK rig!:

-Ibanez GRX20Z
-Vox Valvetronix AD30VT

^So much better than my Bullet Reverb!!

Well, since you mentioned no price range,
the sky's the limit.

Pedal X - Boss OD-3, Boss SD-1, Boss BD-2
Both of these fantastic pedals deliver overdrive ranging from barely overdriven tube amps, to just slightly less overdriven than AC/DC's Angus Young. Boss is a good company, and these pedals will serve you well.

Pedal Y - Seymour Duncan SFX-03,
This is a classy, dependable pedal from a classy dependable business. It alone could probably fit the bill for all 3 requirements. I feel though, that this is the epitome of a overdrive, ranging from warm and fuzzy, to cold and brutal.

Pedal Z - RockTron Metal Planet, Electro-Harmonix Metal Muff, Zoom Tri-Metal, Boss MD-2.

The sudden increase in selection should go to show what kind of pedal I am most interested in. That being said, I personally favor the Metal Muff fo my unique brand of metal music. One that favors deep, bludgeoning, sound. As opposed to piercing squeals. However it can (unfortunately for me) produce thos sounds too. The 'Muff' gets my vote on this one.