Hi, I've been reading some of these threads and I have become extremely excited and motivated to build my own completely custom rig. Of course, this will take me a very long time, which is probably a good thing since I'm going to need time to get all the money together to build everything. In the meantime, I'm looking for some good books for building a guitar, head, cab, and effects pedals. I have some experience with electronics and a bit more with wood working and such, so that's really not a big problem for me.

So I want the books to go over step-by-step how to build these kinds of things and guide me along the way. For guitar building, I'd like it to cover mostly the technical things (especially for the neck) such as fret spacing, types of woods and the tones you get from each, things like that. I think I'm good for the cabinet, but I'd still like to read up on the basics. The head and effects are where I'd need the most reading and practice. I've never done either and want to know a lot about it before I start practicing on small, inexpensive things.

Thank you for your help.
well, im not sure of any books that teaches you this. but, check your local library or book store for instance borders or barns and nobles. theyv got to have something there. they have a whole section full of guitar and music books. good luck.
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