if a website (specifically musicians friend) says their original price on a guitar was 519 dollars, and now its 149 dollars. does that mean its a bad guitar? i read up about it and everything and it sounds great. any help on deciding?
wtf? delete this thread? why is it getting a warning :S Ahh, an online store, well, ii got my epi lp for 400 bucks cheaper, just cause its like a big sale, and the model is discontinued now. Still as great as anything tho
I assume you're talking about the Hofner. The list price is the recommended price from the manufactuer. Musicians Friend will pretty much always have a lower price(I've never seen them sell at list price, but I don't like absolutes). I can't say why the price on this guitar is so low, but I'd guess they have an overstock of them and are trying to get rid of some. I recommend you do some research(DO NOT go solely on the Musicians Friend reviews). If you like what you hear, go for it. It definately seems like a good deal assuming the guitar isn't complete crap.