if a website (specifically musicians friend) says their original price on a guitar was 519 dollars, and now its 149 dollars on sale. does that mean its a bad guitar? i read up about it and everything and it sounds great. any help on deciding?
It would be helpful if you provided a link, or at least said which guitar...
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Don't make multiple threads of the same thing.

Also, it's not on sale, the price of $519 is the list price. It's actually just a cheapo guitar.
Doesn't say what kind of body (or did i just miss it?) anyways not usually a good sign.

EDIT ^^: Just saw your sig......sure it's a good guitar....
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kinda cool looking, but cheapo
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Ya just looks like a cheapo guitar don't buy guitars because they're on sale buy a good guitar.

I would delete one thread or the other.
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you know. i honestly dont remember posting the first thread about this. my apologies, but it was locked anyway. ill delete it here asap.

my brother in law said that his guitar (yamaha something rather) was around $500 when it first came out and its only around 150 now. but his guitar is a great guitar. the reason it went down in price was because a newer model came out and so they wanted to get rid of this guitar. im hoping its what happened here.

...anyone have any idea if its better or worse than an Ibanez RG100. Its what i have now, and as long as its as good as that...im set. my ibanez isnt all that great because its a cheaper ibanez.
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