okay, I have one of those backpacks with speakers in it (I was cleaning my room and found it in my closet). So I cut the wire for the 1/8 in jack and put part of a guitar cable on it. Kinda works but as expected it sounds like crap. I was wondering if I could take parts from my little 8 watt amp and make it battery powered and wire it to the little speaker. I just feel the need to make use of some crap I was gonna throw away.
i dont know, but if it works it will be cool, give t a good hard try i say.

... haha "hard".

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I dont know **** about how much power it will suck ect. Thats why I posted on here. I'd like to be able to run it on a 9v or something.
that would be sweet and if you get it to work would you build me one?
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Dont have the materials to build more. I dont know **** about circuit boards. About a month ago I didnt even know how to solder. I posted this in hopes that someone knew how to do this or where I could look for help.
I'm thinking 8w might be a bit too much for a 9v battery. Most battery powered amps are like .5-1w
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I know that. I'm trying to figure out how to bump down the wattage. I want a volume, a treble, and a bass. Also an overdrive. I want to take that stuff out of the amp and somehow wire it so I can run it all on a 9v bat.
I'm looking online to see if I can find a headphone amp tutorial (I saw one on hackaday not to long ago, not sure why I was there) and modify it to fit my needs.

would there be a way to do it without a circuit board. I dont like them. The confuse me
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