Does anyone know if the ending of "Dance With the Devil" is actually true? You know, where he says

and listen cause the story that I'm telling is true
cuz I was there with Billy Jacobs and I raped his mom to
and now the devil follows me everywhere that I go
infact I'm sure he's standing among one of you at my shows
and every street cypher listening to little thugs flowe
he could be standing right next to you, and you wouldn't know
the devil grows inside the hearts of the selvish and wicked
white, brown, yellow and black colored is not restricted
you have a self destructive destiny when your inflicted
and you'll be one of gods children and fell from the top
there's no diversity because we're burning in the melting pot
so when the devil wants to dance with you, you better say never
because the dance with the devil might last you forever

I know very little about IT's past, however given what he says in his songs and the way he does his music in general, it could be possible.
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I just got into him and from what I hear all the **** he says is true, I wouldn't doubt it but if he made it up, he made some good ****.
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No, it's not true. He said in an interview that the story was true, but when he wrote it he put himself more into the story. So he probably knew Billy Jacobs, but wasn't a member of the gang in the song.