Ok I got strapped for cash a short while ago and owed some bills (im 18 and gotta pay for school and ****) so i sold my crate gt65 amp which was pretty crap anyway and paid some stuff off (small things) then had to settle for a spider II 15 watt...now honestly it is very thin and its like I don't even have motivation to play anymore, because the tone of the amp is just that awful..so anyways i might be moving out west for this police training thing and I need something small..but decent sound, which I know isnt usually a good pair..

what about the ibanez val bee seen here:
ive heard its actually decent for high gain practice..and it has a 6l6gc tube which I can get off the net no problem from jj's for 15u.s plus shipping or whatever..do you think this will sound decent for stuff like killswitch/all that remains/god forbid? nothing to high gain...anyways thanks
i say get an old tube amp in working condition
then add some sort of high gain pedal
The ValBee looks pretty nifty, it's supposed to be aimed at high-gain tones too.
And with such a small amp you can really crank it. Probably worth a try.
I will show you something different from either
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thanks invisible man, and guithero i need size and tone, id love to just go get a 5150 combo off ebay..but i got to wait until i complete my training and then I will be rolling in lots of cash and then i will obv have a place where i can lug around a big combo or half stack for that matter...
i got one,it blew
it got some 'pok' sound which loud as hell when i was playing in clean channel.
at the boost channel,when u push the gain to full,it's fine,when u drop it to 3,the 'pok' sound appear again.
i dunno wts going on