I just bought a G-400 custom(the one with 3 P-ups) off a friend for cheap and I just realized today that the neck pickup only works when the selector switch is in the middle position. I checked the wiring and everything looked good to me but then again im not to keen on wiring. If anyone has had this problem or has an idea what it could be I would appreciate your help. Thanks
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I am visualizing it in my head, and if it does work in the middle position, if the pickup is wired right, it must be the switch. Don't take my word on it, you should just take it to a shop and have it worked on, make sure that they do it then and there, or at the very least make sure they call you and let you watch when they fix it. That way you know how to fix it the next time. The same probs seem to happen to the same guitars.
My G-400 had the same issue. I recommend getting the pickups changed out anyways, the stock ones are pretty muddy.

And it should be under warranty anyways. The pickups/selector switches crap out on Epi's really easily. Personally, I'd just fix it myself, as I have experience with wiring guitars and building pedals and tube amps.
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So you think the problem is the switch? If its just the switch I could fix it no problem then. I agree about the pickups though. I can't believe how muddy they are. I was hoping for a decent classic paf sound. Oh well,lol.
Rockybo on Gwar: "What costumes? They're from fucking outer-space, you retard."