Well, I will start out by saying I am a complete beginner to guitar, started 2 days ago, bought me a nice cheap robson electric guitar (225 bucks canadian lol)
Well I know its a beginner guitar and I am a beginner too, but I need some settings on my 15W amp (which sucks) so I can get sounds like the guitar from back in black by ac/dc, also sounds like this song here: http://www.myfilehut.com/userfiles/67859/02.%20Kuukyo%20na%20heya.mp3

I know its not possible with this ****ty amp but something similar would help too. here are the scales of the amp:

Gain: Max 10
Volume : Max 10
Treble : Max 10
Bass : Max 10
Middle : Max 10
Bass Boost : On/Off

On the guitar, I got,
Volume : Max 10
Tone : Max 10
Tone 2 : Max 10.

I dont know what the hell they mean, also when I press the bass boost, I get a lot off noise / feedback out of the amp for not even touching the guitar, it buzzes for no reason... (oh i mean bass boost on, and gain and volume to aruond max)

I know I cant make exact sound cause its a beginner guitar/amp but what setting would make it sound closer?

PS: What is a pedal? :S
Settings sticky please.
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