I'm looking for an entry level bass guitar for my brother. Nothing fancy.
Just basically something that works.
Dings and scratches are perfectly acceptable.
Not having electronics or pickups is okay too, I can deal with that.

Also might be willing to buy bass gig bag and practice amp.

Name your price, bass model and brand, and pictures in a reply here.
Same goes for amps and gig bags.
dude check musiciansfriend in thier last add i saw this neck through bass for like 130 bucks thats an effing amasing deal id look into that one
i got a older 80's? bc rich warlock a few dings on the bottom around $150

a 2 year old eleca almost perfect condition which i think is better than the new squire affintys but $100ish

might b selling my 5 string deluxe fender jazz but..........a bit more pricey =)
i will sell my bass to you for £120 its a gfm bass and it is a metal shape
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I've got a fixed up Washburn XB100 that I'll sell for $65 plus shipping. Simple and rough around the edges:

- I had to rebuild the input jack area and remount the plate at an angle
- one bridge saddle is from a fender jazz -- long story...but it's actually nicer than the other three, and not all that glaringly obvious

Other than that, it's just scuffed up. Black, tone-vol, 1 P style pickup...nice and simple. The neck is a little flatter than a lot of basses, so it's a nice fit to start learning on.

Pics here of it before I got it fixed up:
(note -- it will have two clean chrome control knobs; they're just not in the picture)


Finally, someone makes an intriguing offer, haha.

Hmm...that sounds pretty good. What kind of wood is it made of?
Any pics of it after fixing? I don't mind the scuffs, just wanna see it.
Quote by jmac72187
Check SX Basses on Rondomusic.net. I love mine.

There are no better beginner basses. Trust me. For 120 bucks, you can get a SOLID bass (nearly on par with MIM Fenders). Plus Kurt is golden to work with. Look em up.
I'll get you some pics of it all ready-to-go. As for the wood -- I'll find out, but I'd guess bassword -- that's a common choice for basses at this level.

Oh, and I concur that SX basses are surprisingly good for their cost! I've seen lots of folks very happy with theirs...
XB-100 is the model -- and it has the "Bantam" name after "Washburn" which I'm not seeing on the newer models. The body is actually listed as mahogany in current listings, but I'm certain this is not a solid-wood body -- you can tell by looking at the rout in the control cavity.

I'm hoping to get it finished today, and get pics for ya.


Hey -- ok, so it's all done and working fine. I posted more pics and closeups here again:


I took shots with gold, white, and the original chrome knobs -- if you decide you want the bass, you can have whichever you like more. Also a closeup of the wiring -- red is hot from pickup, yellow is signal from volume to tone to outputjack. blue is a ground wire, and there's a black ground from the pickup and a black ground from the bridge.

That's it -- if you're interested let me know. Otherwise I'm going to post it on craigslist in my area.


Okay, so I am totally interested. However! I was just in a freakin accident today...so I think I'm gonna have to decline...Stupid, stupid, bad luck.