Ok I'm still customizing my Epi SG 400 (ran outa money) I was thinking of adding some miscellaneous electronics to it so I can get something different out of it and I saw this thing called a 2 band active tone circuit, what will this do there is a 3 band one to but I think the SG only has 2 tone pots I can't remember.

Just wondering if I should put it on?

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usually in a 4-pot steup u wud have the 3 band EQ, a master volume and a p/u selector switch or blend pot. EQ's like this are usually used in basses, I find it useful, put it on if u want but just make sure u get the right one (they have different ones for active and passive P/u's)

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I'd stick with passive electronics and just use a preamp. I would think this would be a lot easier than having to worry about active/semi-active electronics.
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