Hello Guys..

I need to decide on which practice amp to get with my Korg AX1500g.. I will only use this in my room.. No Jamming whatsoever.. Only Practiceing in my room..

my friend is selling me his Peavey Blazer 158, Very good condition for $50 should I go for it ??

Or I could go Orange Crush 15w for around $90...

I could plug my AX1500g in my computer, since I have surround sound Wharfedale speakers in my room. but it sounds too compressed, probably due to me plugging it in the soundcard. So I really want an amp.

and would those small amps get a big tone? Mainly cause they have 8" Speakers. I play mainly Rock/Metal.. So I need the Fat Rhythm Tone. Thanks
I have a peavey blazer 158 and its a good pratice amp, with an effects pedal plugged in i can get a lot of power out of it

i'm not the most knowledgeable on amps but i think the blazer 158 is good

i say go for it
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My first amp was a Blazer 158. It yanks. Once you hear an amp with actual tone you'll regret the Peavey (I went from that to a 100w Fender M80 I picked up for about $150). I'd check out the Orange. I have no personal experience with them, but it's gotta be better than the Blazer.
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i dont know if you've heard about these, but a Roland Microcube is an extremely good practice amp.
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^^ I agree with you, but generally multi-fx pedals don't go too well with modeling amps, IMO. It's better to just get a one- or two-trick pony and dial in your tone.
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I suggest the Orange Crush. One of the best-sounding solid state amps out there.
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Well, when I played on a Rage 158 it had a decent clean tone. Nothing astounding, but usable.

So if you're just going to be using your Korg for all of your distorted tones, or even your cleans too, that would be fine.
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