Is there any way I could tune my guitar into a spanish guitar Or make it sound spanish usin a different tuning if so what is it?
Thanks in advance.
dont know.. but if you want your guitar to sound spanish just learn spanish songs
nylon stringed classical/flamenco is a must
tune it a half step up if u want that twangy sound i guess...
mostly just learn licks by guys like jose feliciano if ur goin for that acoustic sound and carlos santana if u wanna play sum solid electric mexican/spanish stuff.

my best advice to u is to get a study book on the art of flamenco guitar.

It's spanish scales much more than tuning really..

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LOL all the talk about tuning and scales. It's barely anything so mechanical, it's about the way YOU play it. Standard tuning is used almost all the time. But techniques, type of guitar and musical knowledge makes the complete difference.

Neither do you ever put nylon strings on a steel string acoustic and vice versa.

And please don't ever think of associating Santana etc, with flamenco. Flamenco is tons more than the 'Spanish stuff' most people think of.