I got the full version of Fruity Loop studio 5. I been using that program for a while even before i started playing guitar, so i am familiar with the drum programming so i want to stick to this program. and now i want to start recording my guitar track on it as an audio track. apparently my soundcard does not support live recording. i know i need a soundcard with asio capability, so any recommendation will be great, also, any other hardware, software i might need? i am targeting to record demo quality work only. ( low on budget ). any help will be extremely appreciated. thx
do all the fruity loops stuff and then export it to mp3 and use reaper. fruity loops is very difficult when itcomes to recording. its really meant to record short clips and use them as samples. not whole songs.

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fruity loops is a loop and sampling program, its not made to track a full song. A cool program you shoudl look up is Adobe Audition (previously cool edit)

its an easy program to use, and it does what it does very well.

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wtf, i could have sworn i posted in this thread yesterday i mean, i swear i spent the time to write something up. ah well, ill try again.

personally i would do it the opposite way of what adam suggested. record somewhere else first, then import those clips into FL. i find FL is pretty nice for adding effects, mixing, and making sure everything lines up correctly. i dont use reaper, so im not sure how nice that is for that kind of thing, but if you are comfortable with FL i would just use that. you can go to add channel, then audio channel. then right click the new channel and go to load sample. then find wherever you exported your other track to and load it in. obviously meant more for samples, but it works for everything. then you just use the lower half of the playlist for the audio just like you use the upper half for your patterns. i wouldnt record using FL, but using something free like audacity or reaper to get the audio tracks down then importing them works well enough.
you need an ASIO driver to record and yeah it doesnt work that well, really get FL6 as its much more suited to recording but its still not hreat.
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