I have had my Viper for about 3 months, and while playing it recently, i noticed if i bend the neck back the slightest bit(even just pressure from fretting) the strings hit the last fret and dont play/buzz on that fret. the action isnt really too low, but thats another thing ive wanted to see whats wrong with, because if i go lower, it buzzes and i cant bend the strings. Should i take it in to a shop to see if theres a problem with the neck? or how could i check it out for myself.

Also, on average, how much does neckwork/intonation work cost a person?

Thanks in advance for the help dudes!
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Well, most glued neck guitars will do that. But not as soon as you bend it back even a little bit.

I'd say your action's too low, but you've said it's not.

Your best bet is to take it to a guitar shop to have it checked over, preferably the one you bought it from (because there's a chance they might not charge you if it's a fault ythat's been there all along).
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yeah my guess is that it's too much relief in the neck (or the opposite)

It may need truss-rod adjustment, NEVER do that on your own unless you know exactly what you're doing though, it's just better to know what's wrong, not to **** with it. Take it to the shop, i read a whole setup would cost anywhere between 30-50 bucks, yours may cost less because it wont be a full setup, or like Timi said, may not cost at all if it's a fault.
i bought the axe from musicians friend, so im not sure where i can take it and the warranty will apply. I was just afraid of paying out the ass for this. Thanks for the help dudes.
i was modest about it before... but i am the ****ing man