right i figured i may have this in the wrong thred but i dont think so.

right i got a fernandes monterey elite, orignally came with 9's fitted. and i plan on dropping my guitar tuning to drop C (as in one step lower than drop D)

and i dont think 009 strings can handle this, am i right??

what can i do? i heard getting thicker gauge strings buggers up the rods and crap!??
well not buggers them up, id just have to mess around with them and i dont wanna

so please help, thanks
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it should be able to. ive got 10s and can do it just fine so i dont see why you shouldnt be able to.
can i put tens on my guitar?? and then drop C it, i mean one gauge higher isnt gonna harm it
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Thing strings create less tension, so if you drop tune them, they feel like rubber bands. They might cause intonation problems too. Most people use slightly thicker strings for drop tuning, like .11's. They might seem tight, but when you drop them they feel nice to play and won't damage anything.
If you get a thicker gauge string for drop C tuning, it shouldn't screw up the rods. The thicker strings work alot better for dropped tunings, because that is essentially what they are made for. So you can have a thick string, like a 12 or 13, and tune to drop C and they will snap back just as well as a set of 9's would in standard tuning. Try an Ernie Ball "Not Even Slinky" set. Granted, with strings that thick, you wouldn't want to try tuning it up to standard again. Then you'll see problems with intonation and neck relief.
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^^thanks dude, im off to ebay! :P
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You can tune 9s down to C, but they'll be flapping in the breeze. It's best to go heavier like 10-12s or so for such extreme low tunings. Note that your guitar will need a full setup (truss rod, action, intonation) when you change strings.

Also, you won't want to retune to standard with this new setup and heavy strings. That could cause excessive stress on your neck.
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^^ yeah thats what i thought! fuk, fuk it. il wait till i get my new guitar
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so if i was to get the gibson i want, i cna leave that as standard 10's. but how wud i go about setting up my fernandes truss rods and stuff?
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