and do use sheet music/tab notation to learn songs, lately ive been learning most songs by getting the sheet music with the tab r ight underneath it, this way i know where the notes are the and the sheet music notation provides the rhyhtm, hopefully one day my ear will be good enough that i won't have to do this in order to get down songs 100 percent
It depends. If you want to play like classical music, or jazz or something, I suggest learning sheet music. If you want to play rock or metal, or even like alternative music, just use tabs.
I used to be able to read sheet when i played piano in primary school. But as i got older i forgot. Wud like to learn it though, would make learning tricky songs much easier on tab.
I can read music, but tend to usually learn songs by ear. I do use it for classical music or jazz standards.
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I can read sheet music fine since I play saxophone. I normally use tabs for guitar though
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