Hi, I 've never posted anything here before. Anyway, I've been playing guitar for four years, two of them with a teacher. In those four years, all I've managed to learn were chords. I can do anything with chords. I can identify and copy strumming patterns, progressions, and figer picking. But, I also know that I hate chords more than anything in the world. I see my friends who started playing guitar a year ago play awesome songs with ease. I find a tab, practice it, but it never sounds right. I look on the "easy tab" topics and all they give are green day songs. Is there anyone who can give me any kind of help? Constructive critism or something. Thank you.
Power chords and riffs are way easier than chords, you should have no problem. BTW, this should be in the Guitar and Bass Basics forum. Good luck, truckers.
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Just start out with some easy power chord songs with simple solos to work on your picking skills. Such as Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana. Also, some Green Day "solos" can help you with picking, try the Holiday solo, it's one of the more complex Green Day solos (if thats possible), and just work on that until you get good at picking simple patters with ease, and without looking etc. Then start to move on to slightsly harder things etc etc etc.

Hope that helped with what you were looking for, i didnt really understand what you were asking for in your post.
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