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I've been playing guitar for four years, two of them with a teacher. In those four years, all I've managed to learn were chords. I can do anything with chords. I can identify and copy strumming patterns, progressions, and figer picking. But, I also know that I hate chords more than anything in the world. I see my friends who started playing guitar a year ago play awesome songs with ease. I find a tab, practice it, but it never sounds right. I look on the "easy tab" topics and all they give are green day songs. Is there anyone who can give me any kind of help? Constructive critism or something. Thank you.
Scales, that might help you start playin more lead stuff
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play any song that challenges you, even if it sounds bad, because sooner or later it will start to sounds good. Also, scales is right, practice scales such as major/minor pentatonic, blues scales and any other ones you come along.
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