It was kinda on a whim when I decided to record this, and it came out better than I thought. My timing was a little off in the beginning and I messed up on some parts..I did Matt's solo, I can't do Corey's part, so if someone wants to add on just tell me.. Also please leave some constructive crit, give me a direction on what needs to be fixed.

Recorded through a regular computer mic with the original gunshot song playing.
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Are you in a different tuning to Corey and Matt? Your guitar sounds like it's playing a bit too high. Excellent work after the chorus that little lick sequence, I always f*ck that up when I play this song. Song 7/10

The solo: Well, to start (and I'm not saying I could do better on the beggining bit) you're playing the wrong thing. Get a better tab dude. The harmonising, I don't know whos part you were playing, but I play Corey's (because he's cooler ) and because his part sounds kind of like the CD, whereas what you were playing sounded a bit ... like you were trying to hit every fret on the neck at the same time. 5/10.

Overall 6/10. Just make your playing a bit tighter, get everything in tune, in time (and in the right fret position :p), and that 6 will be up to 10/10 in no time.

(Sorry for being an anal asswipe).
Riff wise I'd give you a 9/10 for playing but only a 3/10 for the recording quality, need to get a better recording setup, because in this I can hear the percussive sound of you hitting the strings. The solo wasn't bad sounded off in some places. Better tab for that is what you need. The harmonised solo needs a fair bit of work. solowise 6/10

Overall like the guy above 6/10
yeah...like I said I recorded with a regular computer mic. It was far away from the amp, and i was set up closer to the computer so you can hear me hitting the strings. I figure all my songs out by ear, so I guess i still have to fix some stuff, and Im stil having trouble figuring out the harmony, but I'll get it. Thanks for the advice, was the tone okay though considering I was using the DS-1?
its kinda hard to hear exactly what your playing sometimes, because the song is playing too. it sounds like the lead bit after the chorus is off, and the solo could use a little work too. overall tho, it's not bad.
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The tone was actually really really good considering is was a ds-1. I hated those things I couldn't every get the tone I wanted. It's funny are on the hardest parts of the solo is where you shined there were definately some off parts.