I want to achieve David Gilmour's sound on Comfortably Numb. What gear would I need?
A Strat with some vintage pups in and a driven amp, a nice british tube amp like Hiwatt or Sound City if you can get your mitts on one. www.gilmourish.com will give you a more detailed idea, including effects and EQ etc.
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www.gilmourish.com is the best site to go on, but if you want a simple Comfortably Numb setting, here's what I'd go with

-Strat, bridge pickup (vol and tone on 10)
-Volume booster pedal or preamp
-Big Muff or similar smooth overdrive/fuzz pedal. gain:60%, tone:60%, vol:60%
-Possible some modulation like a slow flange, phase or Leslie/Univibe effect
-Amp settings: low gain (2-3), bass:4, mids:10, treble:7, presence:7
-Some short, warm reverb- not too much, just enough to smooth things out and fatten the sound.

That should get you a similar tone to his, though it greatly depends on what amp your using
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