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Number One
9 69%
Number 2
4 31%
Voters: 13.
one by far
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Number one sounds like guitar
Number two sounds like crap .-. sorry, is there some sort of catch?


Ok I'll elaborate, number one is played in a very original style that's a good point. I'm not sure what this was, random improvisation, semi-atonal song? I had trouble finding a direction to it if you see what I mean.
It was generally very well played, I appreciate even if it's not the type of bass playing I like the most.

Number two, tone was incredibly muffled, it's only 30 seconds long with something like
E E E E E E E E E, C C C C C , D D D D D, E E E E E etc.
Also the track blanks out at moments for me. I can't really judge this because I find there isn't much to crit.
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^They are both basses. Just vote for the one you like, without letting recording quality impact your decision. Also it would be nice if you told why you voted for one over the other.
one was a bit random, chords didnt really have direction, but i guess its hard to have driection using only two notes. i liked the thought proccess here at least, using the chords.

two is really hampered by its recording quality, but it was more of a bassline than 1 was. it had more of a melodic feel to it, not just some random splotches of chords. that is the only reason im voting for 2.
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ok, i voted for number two and here's why:

Number one may as well have been played on a god damn guitar! This is bass, not pussy solo bass high up the register. I wanna hear some rumbling lows in a Bass Wars, not some airy fairy type of sh*t. It had no direction. I was being led places that didnt resolve, and there was no theme. Music need a theme IMO. That said, it was played well, so kudos on that score.

So, really i only voted for number two because of my dislike for number one.

Number two was played very badly, with no timing and hardly even an attempt at being musical. But at least that **** was in the low notes !!!
Number 1: Essentially sounded something like the average person could do noodling around in major key, or any key. Though I did like it, almost classical sounding, rarely resolving itself.

Number 2: Suffered terribly from its recording quality, and the fact the the pattern kept switching speakers. It wasnt cool buddy, it was annoying as hell. And it was only one riff played over and over, less than a quarter the length of the first. I don't know how it was expected to compare.

I vote for number 1, but I think both of you could've tried a jerkload harder if this is some huge "war".
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Number two's recording quality was crap, no doubt, but this isn't suppose to be based off recording qualities. ( Even though it sucked.. horribley.) and Number one kinda scard me outta my wits, so I'm not going to vote on this.
Number 1 was loads better in comparison to 2 but that's because 2 was pure crop to be honest. Sorry but I'm not gonna sugar coat that for you. But as for number 1, it sounded ok but it was a bit random as other people have said and very unispiring.

Hardly deserves to be called a war of any kind.
Well, that was all good fun. I guess I'm going against peanutman in the next round.
Number one. . . it's a bass guitar. Play it like one.

Number two. . . the whole speaker switching made me laugh. Not much structure or musicality to critique though. . .
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MMmmm, I agree with Apple here, Number 1 really didn't move into anything and yes it sounded too much like a guitar. This is a bass war isnt it?