You might have seen my recent post about selling an SG...
And if I were to sell it i think that i would get a fender 60's stratocaster and i had a few questions...

Does anyone have this guitar, and if so is it good?

Would it suit music like the red hot chili peppers, pink floyd, led zeppelin, and the general genres Classic rock, Psychadelic rock, alternative/indie, and funk rock/metal?

Would the fender 70's Stratocaster be a better choice?

if you could answer any of these questions i'd appreciate it.
ifyou think 60s strat the obvious person to pop up is hendrix, 70s strat sound the name that pops up is clapton, look at these two sounds and see which you prefer. I thik that could work.
50s think buddy holly & srv
60s think hendrix and clapton
7os think 60s with stupid headstock lol
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Thing is that half way through the 60s was when Fender got bought up by CBS, and it's generally agreed that there was a serious decline in quality. So pre-65 they're classics, post-65 they're theoretically not as good. However, Hendrix used CBS Strats (sometimes, he had a lot), so maybe it's all bullsh*t. Meh.

To the guy who mentioned Clapton and his Strats; although Clapton started using Strats in the 70s he only used 'classic' (ie, pre-CBS) Strats at that time, so 70's Strats don't represent his tone.
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It really would suit that stuff well, play one before you think about buying and see for yourself.

I've played quite a few of them, gorgeous guitars, sound really nice, but the bridge pickups sounded too thin and trebly to me compared to my MIM Strat.
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