This is my first post on the ultimate-guitar forum, so hi all

(First of all I've checked the forum for similar problems, but I did not find anything )
So here it is.. I have a newly bought Ibanez GSR 205BK (5 stringed bas guitar) Check link for picture ---> http://www.musikborsen.se/itm_img/big_64631.jpg
The problem is the B string, everything seemed fine the first days when I began to play on it, but gradually the B string began to sway a LOT, like a helicopter-rotor (all strings worked fine the first days, including the B-string)

I'm aware of the fact that new strings gradually soften up, but this is extreme, the B-string runs into the fretboard if I play fast and sound !"#¤% crazy. (the other strings works just fine) The funny thing is, that the B string is still tuned the same way it was from the beginning.

What could be wrong? Is there anything a non-professional guitar user might fix?

Help would be greatly appreciated!
just take it to a local guitar shop, they should know what's wrong with it.
Could be bad or stripped screws in the bridge; it sounds like the string is under relatively little tension
My friend had the same problem with the strings on his guitar, I told him to put a toothpick just under the block thingy....guuuuummmmm....I can't remember the name of it now..., but that worked perfectly.