I'll update this with songs and links soon, but for now I'll just say this:

They are amazing. I bought Elephant Eyelash the other week, and it's pure genius. My only regret is not finding them earlier. They have at least one more album out and a few EP's which I'm definately going to get.

They revolve around this one guy, called Yoni Wolf, who's 20 years old. I'm pretty sure he 4 track's most of his music in his bedroom which gives it this tremendous pure feel. But the music itself is pretty hard to describe. On the album I bought, a sticker labelled them as:

gorgeously rendered jangly psych-rock-folk-hop

It incorporates bits of rap, folk and rock and pulls everything off amazingly.

The lyrics kill me.

The delivery of them kills me.

Everything about it gets me.

Info about the label and Why? here

I've just completely fallen for them.

I'd definately advise buying some.
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