I'm deciding which bass guitar to go for next, currently I have a P bass copy. It's okay, but it's not exactly versatile. I play rock, classic rock, funk, metal, lots of things in general!

I'm deciding between an

Ibanez SR-500, £345
Fender Standard Jazz Bass, £349
Ibanez SR-900, £489
Fender Aerodyne Jazz Bass, £485

I've played the SR-900, I thought it was great and versatile. How does the Sr-500 compare to this? What's the difference apart from the thru-neck?

I've played a Standard Jazz Bass, one time it was awful, so dull but another one I played was fantastic. It wasn't as versatile as I thought (compared to the Ibanez) but played better. Has any got one, or own the Aerodyne?

Which should I get? Thanks
Well im a bass player too and i wanted to bougth a bass and i had two choice J-BASS or a CORT ATRISAN. I bought the cort and the sound is amazing everything is great and F***ING VERSATILE MAN!!!!!! you should check it out

Sounds like you peeps really love your Cort! i have a little problem. I want 2 buy my first bass but im not sure whether i should buy a brand new Cort Action 4 Series bass or a second hand
Cort NB4 Artisan bass guitar with Bartollini MKII active pickups for the same price but its quite a bit older? please can you give me some advice!
Dude, about the SR500vs 900, the biggest difference IS the thru neck (i dont even know if there is any) and lemme tell you, once you go thru neck, you lose a lot of slap tone, so i actually think that the sr500 is more versatile in that sense.

If it were me, out of those 4 basses, EVEN PRICE REGARDLESS, i'd go with the SR500 (505 lol). The fact that its the cheapest one there is just icing on the cake
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No you're wrong. With a Ric you get the Ric tone. And nothing else.

To the threadstarter:

The Fender Aerodyne Jazz Bass (I'm assuming it's the P/J config, it's the only one I've seen used on the Aerodyne.) is an amazing bass for the price. It has a huge amount of thump to it, with the thin neck of a jazz bass. If you can deal with the gloss black/cream binding then I would get it. If I remember right this is not an active bass, so you won't be able to alter your tone to much.

I've never played an Sr900 (neck-thru), but the 500's are great basses as well, VERY thin necks with small string spacing, and active pickups. You can pretty much get any tone you want out of it.
Rick = amazing
ibanez= amazing
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fender = amazing
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personally i suggest the ibanez sr505, even though it isnt on your list. It's just an SR500 with a low B, which can be VERY handy at times when you don't want to drop tune. I suggest the 5 over the 4 anytime.
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HI man! I found another dude dats wants 2 sell his second hand Artisan B5 (2000 model). Keeping in mind im just a beginner should i go 4 the B5 over the 2nd hand Artisan nb4 or a brand new Cort action?
It's not on your list but consider the Schecter C4. It's £449 and its really nice -- great sound, nice low action, easy to slap... have a look for yourself at www.musiciansfriend.com and check out the reviews.
id narrow ur choice down to sr500 and jazz bass. the aerodyne is horrible imo... and ill second mangablades comment, with the thru body u loose alot of slap goodnes but i love it for shredding... just shredding lol. depends what u play really.