So i'm gettin a new pup set for my ibanez, goin all dimarzio and i'm not sure which combo to get, was alot easier when i used emg!
Anyway, here is what i thought..

Neck: evo
Bridge: tonezone
middle: dunno!

I need a versatile tone, i (try to) play vai, gilbert, petrucci sorta stuff.

I'm new to dimarzio so any help in choosing would be great.

i guess its a middle single coil right, well, i would get the cruiser or any other one that makes a single coil sound, sice you already have humbuckers

btw i have a pro track at my neck position
yup single coil for middle.

i can't make my mind up, i just need people to throw the suggestions they think are best at me really. I'm starting to think evo bridge now.

Any suggestions will be great.
k then, are you trying to get the shred tone out of this pickups or some other sound, cause dimarzio has a few

for metal: chopper, fast track 2 (though im not sure if it would work well for a middle )

shred: there is the YJM that is yngwies singnature pickups, but he uses a hs-3 for the middle

vintage humbucker: pro track

strat: one of the virtual vintages or a cruiser
yeh i'm thinking chopper of hs-3 for middle, i'd be going for a shred sorta sound but i play alot of metal too you see.

You think evo bridge is good idea? Or should i use evo neck?
the evo and tonezone are supposed to be high output pickups, so im not sure that you would need a chopper, i personally would get a strat sounding pickup for versatility, since the evo is great for shred (i assume being steve vais pickup) and the tone zone is supposed to be good for metal (upon further research, i found that it isnt that high output, so im not sure about this)
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o.k so we've settled on hs-3 for the middle, one down. Say for arguments that i'll go evo for bridge, what bout the neck?
shred, really the sound i'm lookin to get from all 3 is a shred/metal sound.

Like i said, i try n play vai/gilbert sorta stuff, but i wana be able to achieve a heavy crunch you know?
if you go for evo on the bridge, i think a paf pro might be a nice combo, medium output, good for shred as i hear
dimarzio say to try the paf pro in the neck with a hotter bridge pickup, so i think it'll go well with the evo!
So now i know what pups i'm goin for, how do i determine what spacing i need?
I'm sure i'm gona kick myself when i hear the answer.
spacing shouldnt really be much of an issue but may as well get f spaced humbuckers beacause theyre designed for floating trem equiped guitars.

dont want to ruin your day or anything either but may i suggest you get a different middle pickup? i know you want a shred sound but i can tell you that nearly all shred is done exclusively on the neck pickup by just about everybody and when they arent using the neck theyre using the bridge.

basically what im saying is that the pretty much the only reason of having a middle single coil at all is to give you some more versatility and the ability to get better clean tones from it then your high output humbuckers. of course it is up to you.
thats what ive been thinking Diamond Dave, i guess a good pickup for him would be one of the virtual vintages, that are strat sounding, or the cruiser also strat sounding, but its up to you
Christ there are alot of virtual vintages to chose from, and it seems the cruiser is recommended for bridge or neck.

Well at least we got the bridge and neck covered, time for more suggestions on the middle.
go with a tele neck pickup for the middle. that way you get that sexy, sexy tele sound out of a pure shred machine
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you think that would fit well with an evo bridge and paf pro neck?
I still wana stick to dimarzio, the chopper is pretty good, i had a listen to one, sounds very strat, bit more beef tho . It's a chopper or hs-3 i think.
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shred: there is the YJM that is yngwies singnature pickups, but he uses a hs-3 for the middle

Yngwie uses a HS-3 in his Bridge and Neck positions. As much as DiMarzio might want to endorse the YJM, it's nowhere near the HS-3.

I've got a strat that's got a HS-3 in every position, and I'd recommend it over any single coil. No matter how much gain you throw at it, It still stays smooth as glass. Or ice. Whichever Simile you prefer. And throughout everything else, It's still completely Hum-Free.

I'd go with the Evolution for the neck as well, I've got a Jem, and those pickups are fantastic damn near anywhere.
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I'd rather the paf pro for neck, i want a bit of versatility, i'd use the evo in the bridge for the main screamer you know.

hs3 is tempting now, i hear different things bout it all the time!
Well Ok, Have you ever heard a Malmsteen song?

Despite the fact most people dislike his playing, His tone is undeniably incredible.

Yngwie puts the distortion to full on everything he uses, but it still stays as smooth as it would on a clean... I sound like I'm endorsing these, but I'm not... I just love this bloody pickup.

EDIT: Besides, you've got the EVO, which an EXTREMELY high output pickup, and then you've got the HS-3, which is Extremely low... Quite a bit of versatility with them.....
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have i heard a malmsteen song lol, yes, yes i have. k, so it's evo bridge, hs-3 middle and paf pro neck till someone convinces me otherwise haha, cos i'm gona be doin some shoppin in the next few days!
Maybe try D-Sonic, Petrucci uses this one (enough reccomendation for me :-) - I'm going to put this one in neck (yeah, supposed to be in bridge, I know but I have already evo 2 bridge bought going to my home via UPS :-( HS-3 in the middle and evo 2 in bridge Maybe try this option, say how does it sounds and then tell me if it's good option or not :-)
yeah the evo and hs-3 sound good to me, i reckon you should also consider a tonezone for the neck as well as the paf pro, both are versatile but the tonezone will give you a slightly better crunch and metal side to the tone then the paf pro and would be worth looking into.
cheers guys, i think i'll most prolly go with paf pro in neck. Tone zone sounds good, but isn't it for bridge posistion? I think with evo, hs3 and paf i'll have enough versatility.
Hey I am wondering if that worked out for you since I am planning on the same set.