Hey guys,

I'm from Portugal, and I'll try to explain my situation avoiding as much errors as I can(??)

Here we have some of the greatest luthiers in the whole world and there is a guy that lives in a city 60Km away from where I live, and he has made guitars for Mark Knopfler, Gilmour, etc...

I was wondering...Hey if I live in a place were there are great luthiers why should i buy a stock guitar?

I need you guys to give me some advice...

I prefer bands like Pantera, Black Label Society, Testament, Guns N' Roses, Lamb Of God, Fear Factory...I prefer dark and fat tones.

My favourite guitarrists are Dimebag, Zakk Wylde, Slash, etc etc...

My favourite guitars are Kenneth Lawrence's Explorers and Deans.

That luthier has a machine were he can put an image of a guitar and the machine cuts the body with the desired shape, he can do a Kenneth Lawrence or a Dean or wathever...

I was thinking that the perfect guitar for me would be:

Dean, Mahogany (Good quality Mahogany!), Pointy edges (I don't like round edges), Black.

Original Floyd Rose;

One volume/One tone (I don't like guitars with 3 knobs...Is it possible to make a Dean with 2 knobs?);

Pickups, I love EMGs...85/81...But I was thinking in a Bill Lawrence X500 XL...

Neck, can I ask him to put an Ibanez wizard neck? I love those necks...

Pointy Headstock, black..with my name in it

What do you guys think? Can I put a floyd rose in an explorer?

Thanks for the help...
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YEah that should be fine, but will cost you a Sh*tload of money....look at http://www.ranguitars.com for a cheaper option, but the same idea....a luthier can do anything, but they don't come cheap at all.
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Anything's possible with a custom guitar

The real problem is, will it sound good, and how much will it cost?
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