Well, i have been staring at my friends P-bass for a while.
I played it for hours on end, fiddling with my e-q, trying to make it sound the way i wanted.

I came to the conclusion that there simply wasnt enough output coming from his pickup. I seem to like that "hot" sound coming from high-output pup's.

Now i know i could probably just drop in a seymour duncan quarter pounder
pup in there to fix the problem. But i was thinking, if i just put 4 standard p-bass pups in line, would it simply gain more and more output?

I think that if it sounded even remotely good, the LOOK of four pup's in line, would just be pretty bad***. Has this been done before?

Im not starting any work yet, just getting ideas.

Also, i HATE the neck on a p-bass (small hands), but love the feel of the jass bass neck. Can you mate the jass neck to a P-style body?

Thanks guys.

You mean like that? Yeah, it's definately possible, although i'm not sure how they're wired.

I'm pretty sure you can interchange the necks, too.
By the looks of it theres just two pickups with thier own volume and tone knobs. You could add a three way switch to that. My advice would be look up a guitar wiring diagram for two humbuckers or a les paul style guitar and just put those pickups where the humbuckers would be in the diagram.
I say put a p bass pickup and then get a HUMBUCKER for the bridge!! You know like the american deluxe models and also yes the necks are interchangeable.

Have a black body with a red tortoise shell pickguard, they look beastly and the quarter pounder would be a good idea yes.