ok so i have a line 6 spider 2 amp i know its not the greatest but im making a 2-12 cab for it to improve the sound. I dont know what speakers to go with yet because im not sure about the wattage. it puts out 75 watts so does that mean i need 2 12 inch speakers that are 75 watts each or that are about 40 watts each. i think i need to buy 16ohm speakers and run them in parallel.
Buy 50 watt speakers just becuse usually u want the speakers to be a bit more powerful than the amp for more headroom.

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yea you could get away with some greenbacks though because when you push a good speaker hard it actually distorts the sound and it sounds good, celestians being good speakers of course plus sence its a line 6 it problably doesnt actually put out 75 watts they just make the whole thing more efficent to conserve power so it sounds louder.
alright tanx for the help and it does put out 75 watts its just solid state so sounds nothing like a tube amp of the same wattage. it does get loud tho. so if i went with 2 50 watt 16 ohm speakers and wired them in parallel to give m 8 ohms then i will be all set right?
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