Hi, i recently got a new amp, a laney vc30 and because its distortion isn't realy good enough for metal by itself i bought a digitech metal master pedal to go with it, but now everytime i use the amp with the pedal after about half an hour of playing the pedal just cuts out and to get it to work again i have to change the battery and i never leave the pedal on whilst i'm not playing so i can't believe that its the battery running out, anyway does anyone have any idea whats wrong with the pedal and could help me with it, thanks.
no i'm not and even if i did ive had to change the battery twice in the last 2 days so i can't believe there just running out.
maybe its just one of those pedals which eats batteries but i dont know ive never tried it. Just get a power supply for it, they're cheap enough.
Digitech pedals go through a **** load of batteries. You definatley need an adapter.
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