Hey im tryign to record 'the reicnarnation of benjamin breeg' and in the openign bit there is a chrod thta goes liek this:

I just can't put my figner's into that position no matter what i try. Has any one got any tips?
Well, it seems pretty simple, just barre the seventh fret without going on to the E string, and then use your middle for the 8 and your pinky and ring for the 9s. Practise some barre chords to help.
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It's a barre chord. bar the 7th fret up to the A string, then use your other three fingers to make the 9s and the 8.
Hmm it's just a minor barre chord, if you learn to get this one you will know 20 minor chords. This one is E minor. 1st finger on 5th, 3rd finger on the 4th string, 4th finger on 3rd, 2nd finger on 2nd string and your first finger should be layed flat or barred so that it hit the 7th fret on both the 5th and 1st strings
|-------7--- 1st finger
|-------8--- 2nd finger
|-------9--- 4th finger
|-------9--- 3rd finger
|-------7--- 1st finger
im kind of being redundant, but i hope that helps
actually that's pretty simple. bar everything on the 7th fret except for the bottom string and you should be able to reach the rest.
whats so hard about that?
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I think hes having trouble with his first finger on the barre.

Try to only push down on the strings you need to don't worry about the D, G and B string. Hope that helps.