hmm...still looking for my second guitar...which has to be better than my Gibson Spirit Les Paul (now in repair for the next 2 weeks or so)...ive heard alot about the prs custom 24...especially tha it is one of the most versatile guitars on the market...now ive heard it play blues, vintage, classic, and all that ofcourse brought out its amazing clean tone...but what i havent heard yet is a prs custom 24 through overdrive, playin styles such as metal and hard rock...so i was wondering if a prs custom 24 would give a worthy performance for styles ranging from AC DC to Led Zeppelin to Metallica...and so on...?
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Man I have seen and heard the Custom 24 played in rock concerts with distortion. It sounds great! The most notable concert would be Senses Fail with EMG pickups in the 24 at Warped Tour. Even with the stock pick ups though, it has a nice metal tone with distortion. I love that guitar...
hmmm, i love custom 24s pre factory of course but i cant afford one we gave up our prs dealership because we just couldnt push them with guitar center around, but through a triple recto or road king the distortion was really clear and tight, same thing with a marshall so im in love with them. i wanna get 2 one in flat black and a 10 top in black cherry or quilted natural
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I played on a PRS at my dad's friend's guitar shop, I play metal. So I used it with distortion the best sounding guitar I played on, better than the Les Paul I played on. However there were no proper 'metal' guitars there for me to compare it with, but it did sound awesome.