Ok, I'll be murdered and flamed for this but

My dad bought me a marshall mg100dfx, I was weary about it cos of what everyone here had said, i plugged it, got it all sorted, got the footswitch sorted, and frankly, i'm shocked, shocked at what you all say about them, it didnt buzz, it sounded pretty damn good for a £229 amp, the effects are good as well, the footswitch didnt cost any extra either.

Is the only reason everyone hates MGs because theres a bandwagon going on?
I wouldnt touch anything lower than what i've got but really, do you have to say they are the worst amps when they arent too bad?
I beleive the problem everyone has with them is their tone--------
I have never played through one so I don't know
If you like it, good for you and don't base your opinion on your amp on other peoples opinions.

But with my experiences with MG's, I just didn't like their tone, not thick at all.
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i thought thier tone was really thin and lacking that awsome marshall tone you get from a tube amp
Yeah I bought one of them and it does sound very hollow, not good for soloing, but is rather loud and does have good sound effects. My mg15fx still sounds better though.
I tried one and didn't like it, but it's true that an awful lot of the people that bash them are just jumping on the bandwagon
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You get a lot of people that just read or hear something and just assume the same thing. I actually tried two MG amps, the 50 and the 100 watt versions. They were both definitely better than the crappy Vox AD amps I tried, but that doesn't say too much, the Vox amps are digital modeling amps. The MG's just have a thin tone, don't care for effects so I didn't even try them. But that Marshall BB-2, I've had sooooo many distortion and od pedals, that was one of my favorites. Still kinda pissed I sold it.
^ Mostly 11 year olds that type liek thsi and use the smilie.

I've played a MG-10 mk ii and the old MG100RCD head and cab. Its almost like the sound is so budget price, but its still overpriced for how it sounds and looks.
If you like the sound then kudos to you, however, in a few months time you might be looking to get rid of it because your interested in something much better.
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Well I think this amp will do me well as i'm putting some money toghether to buy a lot of pedals so if i get a tube overdrive that'll fatten it right up
Sounds like the new bandwagon is bashing people who bash the MG. And lots of people here have already jumped on it.

If you like it I guess thats all that really matters, my only real complaint about it is thier is pretty much proven better amps in the price range.
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Yea well gutch your part of the bandwagon that bashes people who bash people who bash people who bash the sg.

And Mgs are okay Im not too big a fan escpecially for like teh 250 which is pretty much pointless, becuase in that price range there is literally tons of better amps
George W. Bush for President 2012

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