Well..I dont know if Id call this a song..its more of a poem, but here goes anyways...

A Dream

Awake into the early hours of the morning
Thinking, dreading what could happen
There is fear within me
But I'm afraid to show it

I sit here thinking of you
How you're changing before my eyes
I can't believe this is happening
No longer are you the one I loved

I miss the real you
Has she died and gone to heaven?
I miss the good times
Have I wasted these precious months?

Sleep into the late hours of the morning
Thinking, dreaming of you
The fear is revealing itself
I'm no longer afraid to show it

I lay there lost in my dreams
You're appearing before my eyes
I didnt think this could happen again
We're together once more

The real you makes her return
I fall in love all over again
The good times make their return
I knew it was worth my while

I awaken
Realize it was just a dream
And with that knowlegde
The sadness returns
Yellowknife, Northwest Territories